We are a law firm and have hundreds of client projects that can last from months to years. Having the Sidebar work more like the Project Navigator, but for pinned projects, helps speed finding the right project. The current capability is very limited, basically dragging pinned things into position. VERY labor intensive and not helpful for our management. Having it be able to sort by color, name, due date and priority would be great. Also, a "Project Category" would be nice. It sortof exists with color coding, but I can't sort by color code, either. Some sorting in the Project Navigator, but those aren't the "pinned" projects, they are either "all" projects or "current" projects. They are all "current" until they get resolved in court, so that isn't a useful category for us. I need to pin the top level project/client and find them quickly. Even then, if I had my "pinned " projects in the Project Navigator (which aren't there as a selection there currently), I have to break away from my flow and it adds unneeded steps. Asana had this capability until a few weeks ago, when they nuked it without warning nor explanation sending us looking for a better package. They "Star" things, now, which is like pinning, but with even less usefulness. Guess they wanted to make it look more like Hive, but that's going in the wrong direction, IMO. I love Hive, and use it for my side business, but it really needs this functionality, it's truly a major time saver when you are managing a lot of projects.