When we first signed up for Hive back in 2018/2019, we were told that download links for files stored in Hive would never expire. We used the links without expiry issues for various projects over the last few years, even with our China office (one of the main reasons we signed up for Hive), with no issues.
However, suddenly we started having issues where the links were expiring before our China offices could access them on the other side of the clock (~13hr time difference). From what I'm being told by Hive CS currently, the links always had expiry time limits, and they vary from 15min to 40hrs depending on the file type, which I never encountered until a few weeks ago.
There should be settings that allow the admins to choose the expiry limit for different file types, as well as the option to never expire, like many other file sharing services do. It can either be in the admin settings, or even when a user copys a link, a settings box can pop up asking how long you want the link to be active for.
Created by Ivan Vatamaniuk
November 29, 2022